Tuesday, 14 December 2010

2010 - what worked

Last year, I did an end of year post on what worked for me in 2009. Here's what worked for me in 2010:

Windows 7

I was a really reluctant convert to Windows 7. Having been a Linux and OS X user for years I felt kind of dirty going back to Microsoft. But, it's like driving a Holden - they're pretty good these days, and kind of fun ...

Microsoft OneNote

I've tried various notebooking applications over they years, and the only one that (used) to work for me was Tranglos Keynote. I've found Microsoft OneNote a really good snippet catcher, and I find being able to add from the web via OneNote Live and sync with your desktop notebook a killer feature. Certainly helped power my Sighelm obsession


The other powerhouse in the Sighelm obsession. This is the year I really 'got' the flexibility of being able not only to create, maintain and edit documents but to share the editing

Nokia E63 push email

I found this absolutely invaluable when travelling as away of keeping up and doing quick email responses when using a laptop was difficult (no free wifi, etc, etc) and unlike some other devices, it's not anything near chatty enough to blow your data budget when travelling

Ubuntu 10.10

it works, and it's really good. It's a toss up between Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7 as to which makes me more productive

Cloud services

Windows Live Skydrive, Google Docs, all these services that let you create, maintain and store documents remotely have really helped this year, making it easy to build and maintain a portfolio of working documents and backgrounders on line and accessible from anywhere. Coupled with One Note and wikidot, invaluable.

Still delivering...

Cooler e-reader

still wonderful, light and versatile with wonderful battery life

Asus Netbook

Still good, and as my dash to Providence showed, light weight, reliable, versatile, and coupled with cloud services. highly effective

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