Thursday, 28 October 2010

Microsoft rolls over

Like a lot of people in the technology game I have multiple email addresses and blog sites, one of which is a microsoft live site which I use primarily for email for those people who never update their address books and a skydrive account which I use primarily for always on filestore to access content from wherever.

Bundled in this or rather was a service called spaces, which included a blog offering, which I must say was not as slick as wordpress or blogger, and which I hardly ever used.

But I might do in the future - I've just received an email from Microsoft that reads in part:

"Important changes are coming to your Spaces account that affect you and will require you to choose an option that is right for you. We are very excited to announce our collaboration with a premier and innovative blogging service,, to offer you an upgraded blogging experience. We'll help you migrate your current Windows Live Spaces blog to or you can download it to save for later. You should know that On 16th March 2011 your current space will close."

Which is kind of interesting. You could read it as Microsoft saying "we're having difficulty getting uptake with this blog thing, so we're going to can our product and outsource it".

And of course the two biggest providers are Wordpress and Google, which kind of leaves them with only one place to go.

Anyway, I've migrated my Microsoft blog, such as it is and you can find it at I wouldn't hurry though...

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