Wednesday, 25 August 2010

cutting, pasting, publishing

Vellum left the followng comment on my previous post about blogging directly from google docs:

I'm a gedit fan, myself. But only for coding. When it comes to writing prose, I'm an "openoffice writer, backup to gmail, cut-and-paste to blogger editor" kinda guy. ctrl-c and ctrl-v are two of my best friends. is that bad? :/

No, it's not bad, ctrl-c and ctrl-v have been my friends since the eighties, when, annoyed at the slow performance of a vax terminal session on a 9600 baud dialup link I used to write reports in an editor on my 9" mac classic, and then cut and paste them into a VMS editor session in a terminal window - the Vax used to think I was typing really fast and started visibly buffering the text.

No, it's not bad, it's how I use kwrite. It's the Martini aspect of google docs I like - the any place any where aspect, so I can start on a document one place and work on it somewhere else, even on a rented machine in an internet cafe in Vientiane should I so choose, or more realistically and less exotically start on something at home and finish it off over mouthfuls of sushi on my desk at lunchtime.

And yes, I could use open office on one machine, and push it up to Google docs on one machine and pull it down on another that's clumsy. Equallym while I can do the ctrl-c/ctrl-v to copy and paste out of google docs and into blogger it's a step I used not to have to do and that just seems wrong ...

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Vellum said...

"'s a step I used not to have to do and that just seems wrong..."

Yeah, it's annoying when "upgrades" decrease functionality. I feel a little bit as though, in many cases, the people deciding what needs to be in the next version are a little too far removed from the people actually using the current version.