Sunday, 27 June 2010

sometimes the littlest things just stuff up …

well, this was going to be a happy weekend post about our really good though squelchy bushwalk from Pollock’s Crossing at Kiandra through to Four mile hut, so named as it is four miles from Kiandra – these 1860’s gold diggers were just so imaginative.

And we did have a really good walk. And I took some really good pictures of icerimmed ponds and half frozen snow on the sedges, except that I didn't notice that my thick fingered winter gloves had knocked my camera onto manual and I ended up with dome incredibly washed out images.


Anyway, we did have a good, if wet and splodgy time, and as for images all I can suggest is this one from the same locations in 2006 …304704718_96c71ee013_o[1]

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