Thursday, 30 July 2009

Google reader ...

one of the joys of coming back after six weeks away is the mountain of email and paper that awaits you.

As I'm still officially on vacation I havn't looked at work stuff and due to the ookygoo (Eee PC for the uninitiated) I'm failrly well up on private email.

What I didn't keep up with though is my blog reading, so needless to say google reader gave me a zillion articles. Now I have this theory that when you're away and you miss something someone will tell you about it sooner or later so I looked for the 'mark everything read' option. There wasn't one. You can mark indiviual blogs read but there's no global catchup feature, which meant spending 20 minutes or so marking each individual blog read.

Surely there should be a quicker way of doing this ?

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