Sunday, 14 June 2009

an orthodox wiki

here we are on the verge of one trip overseas and we're already thinking of another trip, perhaps to Turkey, Syria, Jordan and to Egypt to see St Catherine's Monastery and to indulge our fascinations for Roman and Byzantine history (me) and the medieval (J).

So a week before we jet off to Europe we're already planning our next trip built out of the things we didn't manage this time.

In the course of sketching the bones of a trip I happened across the Orthodox Wiki. And whatever you feel about orthodox christianity it's an example of really creative and an innovative use of technology - not bad for a 1500 year old tradition ... (and I shouldn't be surprised. The Greek Orthodox church has done some innovative work on access control with their archives, and the Russian Orthodox Church had a web presence as early as 1997)

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dgm said... is now a link squatting site - the current offical site is