Saturday, 25 April 2009

geocities to disappear down the yahoo

well it's irritating that yahoo is about to close geocities - principally because I have a bunch of pages hosted there like my cv and so on that I like to have online that I'll have to find a new home for.

But then I looked at the pages. Some like some presentations were useful at the time and would be worth archiving. The rest is basically just links, resume and some backgrounders, the sort of stuff you would put in an e-portfolio - all the rage these days in the learning world.

But no one really seems to provide free hosting for that sort of thing - principally because it probably doesn't make money, and free ad supported web hosting is so 1999 - doesn't fit well with the hip new web 2.0 image that we all have to show these days, except, well it does show that one can write raw html with a text editor, put together one's own web pages etc etc - shows some basic familiarity with web tools.

Same with the presentations - shows what you can do and what you can say.

But no it's not trendy, facebooky or super hip, so in the meantime I'm off looking for a new home and a bit of fun with wget ...

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dgm said...

and it's move back to rootshell for the moment ...