Monday, 5 January 2009


Still catching up on material from over the break, but I came across this post about OpenGoo, which pricked my interest.

OpenGoo is open source, which means that you can coile the code and host it on the webserver of your choice. Crucially, what this means is that if you're uneasy about using Zoho, WindowsLive or GoogleDocs for corporate applications, but want the any box, any time, any where, versatility of web based applications and document sharing, you could install OpenGoo on your own webserver, in much the same way as you might install your own wordpress install for a blogging platform, or one of the twitter work alikes for microblogging, or something like sqmail for webmail functionality. That way you get the functionality but can be assured that you know where the data is and who can access it.

With the growth in netbooks and smartphones, and in ad hoc enterprises where people bring their own computing device, this could be a hot topic in 2009. Get some people together, get a server share the work and that way all the data's on the server and none on people's machines, so it doesn't matter if someone drops out, or worse goes to join the opposition ...
(and we don't need to worry about where it's hosted etc)

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