Tuesday, 14 October 2008


People have accused me of being fixated on google products. Not true, even if it may look that way at times. For example I still think that Zoho provides a richer more flexible set of online tools than google apps.

Likewise I've stuck with Bloglines as a blog aggregator in preference to google reader. In fact I've been using bloglines since 2004 which must mean something. And I've been happy with it - performance is rock solid, or rather was. Since the last upgrade it's claimed that feeds did not exist (including well known ones like guardian.co.uk) and if you re-add a feed it will work for a bit then stop. Response is poor compared to before the upgrade (being ever so anal I tend to read the feeds at the same time in the morning - so I think I can claim this even if it's anecdotal).

So one more bit of me has been assimilated by the borg - I've moved over to google reader. Not such an elegant interface, but more reliable, and given that my major reason for reading rss feeds is industry news and updates that's worth trading elegance for performance ...

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