Monday, 18 August 2008

finance spam and angst

we all know about spam, and the endless tedious adverts for viagra and the like, which must hint at a deep level of sexual insecurity among some american males, otherwise we wouldn't see any such thing. (Spam, while very cheap to send, does cost something to send, and if it doesn't help sell snake oil or genital enhancement the logic of the market is they'd stop sending it if it didn't bring a return.)

So to finance spam. Before the credit crunch it was all about dodgy loans and remortgage deals to redraw on your equity to spend it on pink furry car seats or whatever - 'live richer, live above your means' - now it's all about debt consolidation and credit card payoffs. Still dodgier than a three dollar note, but it's obviously speaking to the angst of middle america.

There must be at least a sociology masters in this somewhere ... 

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