Monday, 28 July 2008

Content re-use and refactoring

Now I know everyone feeds off of each other, steals and refactors content etc, etc, but I received a spurious comment from Technosnack. In part it reads:

I'm Susan, of the TechnoSnack's team and I wish to inform you that we are opening a new blog aggregator about Computers & Internet news. We put it on-line some hours ago and the link is: The main objective of this project is creation of a "virtual dashboard" of posts coming from many specialized blog and information about Computers & Internet world, with news about Linux, Windows, Mac, Open sources, Security, Graphics, Symbian and more on...
The key feature is that news come directly from blogosphere. We wish to show a preview of posts, with a link "Read more..." to signed blogs. If users are interested in news, they are redirected to your blog and can read entire post directly from your blog! So, the different signed blogs can increase their visibility and reach more visitors, all over the world! We think that in a little of time it can send more visitors to re gistered blogs, contributing to diffusion of know-how about Computer and Technology world. I visited your blog and I think it has very interesting and useful posts! So, are you interested in this idea, with your blog? If yes, then you can register your blog, using the specific "Registration Form"! REGISTRATION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! The only thing we ask to you is to insert TechnoSNACK banner in your blog to promote this project. Or, if you prefer, you can insert a link in your blogroll. If you like (we whould be happy, but it is not mandatory :-), you can write a post regarding TechnoSNACK project in your blog, to promote this idea.

Which sounds fair enough. Flattering even. Until you think about it.

They want to take my content, re use it, sell advertising, make money, and at the same time act like they're doing me a favour.

Over the years I've had content ripped off, even had my resume stolen as an example of how to write a resume, to the extent that I don't care anymore. I've come to assume that everything published here is public domain and written for my own purposes, and that if the content is reused the source is acknowledged. I know people working for vendors I deal with read this and sometimes use the material for internal purposes, but by and large everyone has stuck to the rules as regards public re-use.

So I'm not signing up with Technosnack. If the content is that interesting they can harvest it and acknowledge the source, and even send me a few dollars if they want to. Search engines and page ranks will do the rest.

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