Wednesday, 1 August 2007

YouTube wierdness in Canberra ...

Canberra, like most of the south east of Australia, is either in drought or just coming out of drought. And by drought we don't mean a few months of a pissy hosepipe ban like you get in England, we mean 5 years of drought where pasture turns brown and dies, trees die and nothing grows.

This makes life hard for farmers. No crops, cattle and sheep feed is expensive, and a lot have gone to the wall.

Now Canberra, being the bush capital, still has working farms on areas that have not yet turned into suburbia. Some are real farms, and some are basically just horse paddocks where fat teenage girls care for fatter ponies. However on the rare day I drive into work I pass a working farm with cows and so on.

A few weeks ago a sign appeared 'please feed the cows bread' - not your usual 'please don't feed the animals'. Obviously the farmer was trying to keep his herd going even though he couldn't afford much in the way of feed.

Then a few days ago an extra piece of board arrived on the sign - just tacked on with a url

And yes there it is on youtube - the whole story.

Shows how community politics and campaigning are changing under the influence of YouTube etc

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