Monday, 30 July 2007

Retro computing (again)

I've acquired an old G3 MacBook - a Wall Street according to lowendmac.

Initially I was going to put linux on it, but then it's an oldworld Mac with the closed firmware and yellow dog needs bootx to start and it's all a bit of nightmare to install, so I thought I'd try Jaguar.

Problem - no CD drive. Not going to happen. So I'm forced to start thinking what can i actually do with an OS 9 Mac. Fortunately it has some basic internet tools and stuff so it can be used as a terminal, and it still has some of the apps installed on it.

Possibly just possibly I might still have my old claris word floppies from the legit copy I bought years ago, which woud help turn it into a basic writing machine for offline blogging and the like, because whatever you say about it, it is a nice machine.

And that's it. Perfectly usable, useful if dated. Seems a shame to trash it. I'll keep you posted if I start using it for something purposeful

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dgm said...

I've found the cd drive - all I need to do now is borrow a jaguar cd to see if it installs ...