Tuesday, 13 March 2007

OPML, wikis and novels

I have this idea for this great mystery novel set in early medieaval times. Actually I don't, I just have the idea that I might do, like one of these just falling asleep ideas that you never quite work out.

However unlike a lot of these ideas I had this idea I would do some thing with it, because it could be developed as a little project - who the dramatis personae were, what do we need to know about historical information, what sources could we use etc.

Now normally to develop such tools I'd have used keynote from Tranglos which is kind of a notebook cum outliner and wonderful for developing ideas. Works the way my mind works etc. But it's not cross platform or portable. So the obvious would be to look for a web 2.0 style outliner notepad - a Google notepad if you would. Well google don't have one, Zoho don't have one and while there are scads of outliners out there using opml there really isn't one that lets you do what keynote does. One idea I guess would be continue to use keynote and then use markdown to format the entries of easy export and reforming in a web document.

The otheranswer I guess is some form of personal wiki. I've never quite got the wiki idea but this might be a vehicle, after all wikis are structured documents with interconnections. Now all I need to do is find a wiki provider ....

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