Tuesday, 27 February 2007

New is cheaper than second hand, part ii

I've done a little bit more work on my cost comparison to add the cost of buying second hand from Amazon in the UK. All costs have been converted to US dollars at a (slightly optimistic) rate of USD 1.95 = GBP 1.00. All it goes to show that buying from Amazon UK second hand is a seriously bad deal if you live in Australia, unless you have no other option.

I was also going to do comparison of buying from Abe in Australia as opposed from overseas, but there aren't any copies of two of the sample books available for sale in Australia.

Obviously this is totally unscientific - but it bears out my predjudices which like all the best predjudices are based on experience:

  • second hand books are a bit cheaper in the States than the UK (but not enough to get excited about)
  • shiping from the UK is much more expensive

so there we have it - going and buying Penguin Classics new from Borders in town really is cheaper (providing they have it and you live in Australia)

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