Friday, 16 March 2007

Parallels, Nexenta and gnome

been playing with parallels again. (yes I know I should accept the fact I'm a manager now but I still like to play). I've been building nexenta again. A few weeks ago I tried to install it and it simply just hung. I found out later the solution was to choose a cdrom without dma.

Well today I got a parallels update. And in a moment of foolishness I tried to install it again.

This time I got it to install. And it almost works. It complains about a funny eprom, can't find some of the uarts and crucially can't see the network interface but it does wake up and give you a desktop (which for some bizarre reason refuses to resize).

It also, by default comes with gnome, a user interface with which I've never got on with - always been a kde man - but it does work (sort of) Well enough for you to think, maybe I'll try this on an old machine at home sometime.

{Actually I want. Computers may be work tools /playthings at work but at home they're just internet appliances - no finger in the ear stuff - tools to let me bank online, send email and write documents}

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