Friday, 3 July 2015

Further thoughts on Lodlam 2015

The Lodlam 2015 event was pretty interesting, and I came away all enthusiastic about linked data and what you could do with it.

However my bag's research infrastructure provision not research itself. To be sure I have a couple of play projects to teach myself about stuff to better inform/help/advise clients but they are just that - play projects.

So how to raise the profile of linked data in a research enablement context?

After all we're not funded to do projects (not strictly true - we can be but someone has to tell us to do it), and the experience of Project Bamboo suggests that building elaborate infrastructure is not the way.

Likewise simply providing storage and data management skills isn't going to provide that degree of enablement either.

Probably what it comes down to is talking to people, showing people examples, and perhaps showing the play projects - basically we needs a showcase and some demo code.

The only infrastructure required first time around is an old laptop, a copy of Ubuntu, and the ability to use an editor ...

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