Thursday, 17 April 2014

New Chromebook

Well I finally got a refund for my faulty Chromebook. It was a struggle but I won in the end.

To celebrate I went out and got myself a replacement Chromebook, one manufactured by HP this time.

I was incredibly impressed again by the whole statelessness thing - I literally plugged it in, waited twenty or so minutes to make sure it had a decent amount of charge, turned it on, configured the network - and then hey presto! it was all there, even down to the wallpaper I’d set on the desktop on my last(faulty) unit so I’d know if they shipped it back to me without fiddling with it.

Thinking about things and comparing things with my laptop it’s the statelessness factor that sells the whole Chromebook model.

Strangely, the same thing goes for - your files are saved elsewhere on Dropbox or Google Drive, and are hence accessible from anywhere, from which ever device and without having to have any particular software installed other than a reasonably recent browser.

If you work in various places as I do, and swap between machines and platforms, it’s somthing that is incredibly powerful …

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