Thursday, 27 March 2014

So what do you use - Q1 2014 update

In truth there's not much change since my end of year posting back in December.

I'd add the 3G router as a major improvement. Otherwise the hardware in use is much the same except for my ongoing Chromebook problems.

The software in use is not much different either except that I'm moved from writing raw markdown to using a dedicated markdown editor, either retext on linux or on Windows and the mac. My chromebook problems have pushed me back to writing more on my windows netbook, and I even dug out my old Eee to use for some conferencing via Skype.

Working with both retext and Texts shows how agnostic I have become  about operating systems, ao indeed applications. There's not much to judge between the two editors- Texts is wysiwyg in style while retext requires an understanding of markdown syntax, but that's hardly a big ask.

Otherwise everything is much as it was ...

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