Monday, 13 January 2014

And where would you like your mail delivered sir ?

I’ve previously written about the decline of the postal service

It so happened that I needed to send a package today, and my receipt had the slogan Help us build an even better Australia Post in your community and a URL to go to to complete the survey.

So I did. What was interesting is that it was obviously designed to market test a couple of options:

  • 3 day a week delivery - the New Zealand post model
  • Collect you mail from your local post office - the Canada Post model

Nothing wrong with either option - Australia Post is subject to the same costs as overseas postal services and should be testing how acceptable either would be.

However, what was wrong was the concept that everyone wants to go to their local post office.

It so happens that our designated local post office is in the opposite direction to where we work, and its opening hours don’t mesh nicely with the working day once commuting time has been factored in. That’s why we pay to have a post box at a different location - one we can get to during the working day to pick up packages and so on.

If we are all going to have to collect our mail from somewhere it should be from a preferred location - there’s a number of locations that would work for us, or even better, given that we are already paying for a post box offer us a permanent redirect as part of the package …

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