Friday, 10 May 2013

The day job ...

has kind of been getting in the way of posting recently.

So much end of project documentation, not to mention the mildly painful exercise of auditing the project accounts. We are now almost done and in anticipaton of this we've started tentatively to get the message out there.

We have a  piece in this month’s ANU IT newsletter – as well as a piece in the previous month’s newsletter  - it's towards the end of the pdf so you will need to scroll down quite a bit. Besides that, we’ve implemented support for Digital Object Identifiers in our publication workflow, meaning it is possible to request a DOI for your data set if it is saved in the ANU Data Commons.

My colleague, Rahul Khanna, and myself recently gave a short web based presentation on our implementation of DOIs.  The presentation, with accompanying sound track, is available on the ANDS channel on YouTube if you are interested in following up on our use of DOIs.

All our source code is available via our project landing page. We're just about done with the documentation for our metadata stores project to tie dataset publication to grant activity and person records - it you're interested in that there should be a link on the project landing page early next week.

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