Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Abiword and the precise pangolin

A few weeks ago I blogged about the problems I was having with Abiword and precise pangolin - to wit unexplained sudden program terminations.

I've recently run the latest set of updates to my Ubuntu box and I'm pleased to report that Abiword now seems more reliable.

It now looks like you can happily work on a document and the program is perfectly stable until you select text, eg with ctrl-A and then try and copy it.

The program then exits.

Hunting round the Ubuntu bug site it looks to be basically the same bug as #953502 which is currently unassigned.

However, this isn't as bad an problem as it seems given that I use AbiWord for drafting and note taking. Save often and remember to export as a text file into Kate for final editing before posting and it seems to work well, while delivering the advantages of a lightweight document editor and retaining the convenience of being able to save the file to dropbox for opening on another computer running a different operating system ...

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