Wednesday, 7 July 2010

haiku on virtualbox

I've kind of been neglecting playing with operating systems ever since the $83 machine died, closely followed by my mac at work, but I've recently started playing with running images under virtualbox again. Actually I'm being lazy - I can't be bothered building islandora from scratch so I though I'd try their virtual appliance.

Just for fun while waiting for islandora to download I tried the latest haiku (beOs) pre-rolled vmdk appliance, with the latest virtualbox and ... it doesn't work. Not spectacularly, just a blank desktop with a mouse cursor. Enough to run, not enough to work out what's not working.

Googling seems to suggest that it works for some people but not for others, but neither the haiku or virtualbox website has anything later than 2009, so back to crunchbang for a lightweight desktop ...

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