Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wisdom teeth

Yesterday, at the age of 54 years and 3 months I had my wisdom teeth out, all four of them.

I probably should have had them out thirty years ago, but I’d come off my bike and cracked my jaw a couple of years previously, so they were leery of taking them out in case they did extra damage,  so they drilled them out and filled them up with resin as a temporary fix – one that lasted thirty years instead of five.

I had it done as day surgery, and apart from J missing the freeway exit and then driving to the wrong hospital – fortunately the dental hospital was round the corner on the next block but one - the whole procedure was professional and painless – even though I now know what a server feels like having an upgrade.

Laurance Tyler, a friend and former colleague, always used to say he used to dream he was a compiler, this time I felt like a server – get on the table – do you know what is being done? – that your signature on the consent form? – lie back and connect you up – just going to put a line in you – breathe this –at the end I didn’t know if I was going to come out minus my wisdom teeth or plus a new version of solaris.

Still it’s done, and strangely I don’t feel that bad …

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