Thursday, 18 March 2010

digital decor

I’ve recently touched a couple of times on the uses of Flickr photostreams as an artistic resource for teaching and learning, and as a means of presenting a virtual exhibition.

Equally there are a lot of good quality digital images of art out there, and as I waited at the lights on the way home I was suddenly struck by the following ideas:

1) get a cheap digital photoframe, download a set of images, and hey presto instant art for the student apartment. And given people don’t have time to do this themselves, you could imagine a whole industry selling pre-rolled sdcards of renaissance italian paintings or medieval manuscript illustrations …

2) couple this to one of these new fangled cheap mini data projectors, aim it at suitable surface, and hey presto –instant art on your wall, in the loo, on the dining room ceiling or whatever…

I’m strangely taken with this idea.

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