Monday, 23 June 2008

Open Suse 11 ...

I built an Open Suse 11 machine today. Admittedly it was on a VM but it took me less time to build than to download and burn the dvd.

The install was slick, and by the use of preconfigured images and overlays pretty fast. Like a fool I chose kde4 rather than kde3 or gnome as my desktop and consequently spent a few minutes pfaffing around working how tto drive the interface. I'm not sure if I'm convinced about kde4 being an advance, but then I often feel like that about window managers. 

What was impressive was the 'just worked' aspect of the install and its speed. Ubuntu and it's variants take about 4 times to install as a vm and I won't start about open solaris. I am quietly impressed as to how good a product it is. I installed a few apps opened and closed documents and there was no real curliness to be seen. I might still prefer ubuntu, but the Suse user experience is pretty slick - you really could just give it away free with pc's and be sure that real people could install and use it.

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