Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Where's the York Windows OS survey data gone ?

On my web site I've an informal bio that makes mention of the work I did putting together surveys of windows 95, 2000, NT adoption in UK universities.

These surveys were pretty well regarded in their time, and I know that various people in the UK HE computing community made use of them, not to mention Microsoft UK themselves for marketing purposes.

They are now clearly of historic interest only (unless, of course, you're going to offer me a job and want proof of organizational ability ;-) ).
The web pages were hosted at the University of York, my employers at the time.

Well I haven't worked for York for four years now, and no one else there, or elsewhere in the UK, has taken them over so not surprisingly York have finally sent them to /dev/nul.

If you are looking for the survey information it seems to have been archived on the wayback machine. There are a number of copies, and as not much happened to them after 2003 any of the last few copies should be accurate.

Click here for the entry point to last copy archived.

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