Monday, 18 December 2006

odd ...

A long time ago, just before I moved to Australia my resume was picked up by what was then webct, who phoned me up to talk (in very vague and hypothetical terms) about my perhaps working for them.

Well nothing came of it, I moved to Oz, did things and then today, I get an email from blackboard, who now own webct, asking me if I was still vaguely interested.

What's odd is that they sent it to the jnd[at]apex[dot]net[dot]au account that i've hardly ever used and is set up to forward to my wife's mailbox. Even more bizarre is that the apex account dies tomorrow, since we've given them the flick ...

I thought about posting this on my other blog which is linked to from my resume website but thought better of it - you never know it might be (another) change of direction

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